It has been said we are creatures of habit. Everyday, you can look around you and see the things that you have created through your habits. It’s also said that old habits die hard. Depending on who you talk to, that’s very debatable. So how do you create new habits and release old ones? There was a study done years ago that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit. With me being in-between jobs, developing a new business, running a band and feeling a bit down, I figured why not try it out?

Almost a week ago, I started a daily diary for myself called “The Daily Gratuity.” Why? One of the tactics used by Tony Robbins (and various others) is that to help you get moving physically, mentally and emotionally is to develop an attitude of gratitude. So everyday, preferably in the morning, I sit down, open my journal, write the day’s date and what I’m grateful for. Has it helped me? So far after 6 days, I do feel a bit different. I’ve noticed that after I do my gratuity writing, I feel more energized to do something. I’ll work on my biz, music or whatever. It’s also brought more of a focus on me and pulled me away from the outside world. Like I’m centered. I’ve noticed that if I can’t focus on my tasks and my energy, I don’t accomplish anything. I’ve also noticed that I feel obligated to write these down. Almost like there’s a Universal calling for me to give thanks everyday. It’s certainly helped me feel better and has increased a call to action from me. Aside from meditation, this as been a really amazing thing so far. I know it’s only been 6 days but it has helped me so far. I’ll do a follow up after 21 days.

If you’re going to create a new habit in your life, make it a constructive one. Developing an attitude of gratitude is one that makes you open and ready to receive more information to help you through your life. If you’d like to develop an attitude of gratitude but you aren’t sure where to start here are some tips that have helped me:

1) Write Everything Down

During the meetings with my spiritual adviser, she would try to get me to write everything down and for the longest time I didn’t do it. After going through a major life shift, I started to do it and realized that I could look at what I wrote down, analyze really work on it and own it. Writing things down allows you to release the energy within you and puts it out into the Universe. Since everything is cyclical in the Universe, gratuity comes back as well.

2) Start Simple

Not sure what to write? Start with the simplest thing you can think of. Something like, “I’m thankful I woke up this morning,” or, “I’m thankful the sun is shining.” Simple and to the point to get you started Once you start writing simple things, more and more things will come out. It will get you moving, writing and feeling better. You’ll also begin to notice that as you write more, you have more than you think you do.

3) Leave Out Negativity!!

This is extremely important! This diary is about YOU not other people. The point of this is to draw attention away from the outside world and more toward yourself. Putting in a directed comment about getting away from this person or that person is bad energy and sending that out to the Universe will result in that coming back to you.

4) Start Early

I try to do my diary entry at the beginning of my day. It’s a great tone setter and reflects throughout the day. After that, you can carry that energy with you and it’ll show.


What say you? What are you grateful for?