I consider myself to be a force in constant transition.

I am a young man from Detroit, Michigan. I am a follower of the natural flow of the Universe and I seek to ride its waves to success. I am a fierce saxophonist for my jazz combo, Rare Standard, and I am an emerging entrepreneur. Like everyone else, my journey to success includes lessons which I like to share to the world as they may offer some assistance in other people’s lives. I choose to write from my heart when I make blog posts. My writing style my be unorthodox but as long as I can connect with a reader, that’s the most important thing to me. I may post once a week or once a month but I want to make an impact with the things I choose to share. I love empowerment and I always seek ways to help others grow themselves. In my helping other people grow, I also learn from them and grow myself. In that personal growth, I can now help others more.

Keep in mind, when I post something about my experiences, they are just that… my experiences. I will never tell you to do something. I can only encourage you to try. If  you find that what I’m sharing works for you, great! If not, great! Keep searching for something that will work for you. There is no one right fit for everyone and that’s OK. I do invite you to come and share in my adventures and learn from me. Please comment on my posts so that I may learn from you too. Everything in the Universe works both ways. With that, I welcome you to my blog and I hope you enjoy the read!

Oh yes... it's me!

Tim G. of Success Evolution