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As many might have known, yesterday was Social Media Day. Mashable sponsored many social media meetups in various cities around the world and Detroit was no exception. There were more than 15,000 parties going on around the world and apparently, Detroit had the second largest SMDay party. The party was held down at Sound Board in Motor City Casino (ironically, the same place as Ignite Detroit) and was a blast. The whole point of SMDay is to get people offline and to meet in person. We spend a ton of time online, connecting with people, following people on Twitter and various other social media sites that we rarely get a chance to meet them in person. Last night was a great opportunity to put faces with names (or Twitter handles if that’s your thing).

Last night was a great networking event. I saw many people I knew, re-connected with some amazing people and even finally met a few folks I’ve been meaning to meet for months now.  One of the highlights was inviting my drummer from Rare Standard down and having him re-connect with various people he knew. Through his introductions I got a chance to expand my network and connect with more amazing people. It was a very pleasant experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

As I reflect back on that evening, it got me thinking about more ways to create momentum. Social Media Day was a huge inspiration to me and that energy needs to be shared with the world. Here are some more tips on how to create and keep momentum:

Start Where You Are/Be Present

I put this first purposely because while it may not seem like a step, it’s a very important realization. We may not always be where we want to be but that’s ok. Where you are now is perfect in this moment. If you’re in a transition, great. If you’re soul-searching, great. If you’re a manager at some large company, great. A fortune 500 CEO, great. The point is use where you are as a launching platform. You can always create where you want to as long as you’re present. You may not know exactly what you want now, but if you stay present (keep your antennas up) you will find it. If you’re always focused on the future, you can miss what’s right in front of you.

Get Active/Get Energized

Whether it’s in your community, in your business or in your personal life, get active. One of the things I learned from Tony Robbins is that emotion comes from motion. If you understand the word “emotion,” it literally is just energy in motion. You have to have what Tony calls that juice for life. In other words, find something that energizes you. One of the things that energizes me is networking. I enjoy meeting new people and finding out how I can help them. Speaking of which…

Meet New People

New people bring new energy. Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has information to share and everyone has something to offer. You can learn so much from everyone you meet. What to do and even what not to do. New people also bring new opportunities which is why it’s important to be present. One thing to note is that people come in all different packages. Just be sure that the people you meet are people you want in your life. It is important that the people in your life are positive as that energy rubs off.

Be Vulnerable

This may be a surprise to some people but yes, this does create momentum. It forces you to face many fears (really, pick one). It also forces you to be open and present as you go through changes. Vulnerability is very unfamiliar territory. You step out on the skinny branch and go against your old habits and your beliefs which challenges your ego. The ego may have gotten you to where you are now but if you want to go further you have to relinquish your ego’s grip. Vulnerability does just that.

Take Small Steps And Celebrate Small Victories

You can only create momentum one step at a time and keep it that same way but one step is all you need to start. As long as you put one foot in front of the other and continuing to do that, you create a positive force that you can continue to build on. When I began running, it was one of the toughest things I’ve ever decided to do. My closest friends and family know that I can’t stand running for the sake of running. That’s not my idea of exercise as I’m mainly a cardio junkie but as I started running, it got easier. I even found a way to go 6 miles with my first run. Talk about a big step. When I got home, I was extremely proud of myself because I faced something I truly hated with a passion (You want to talk about being vulnerable, THAT’S vulnerability and a massive momentum builder!). The second time I went out was much easier and I went nearly twice as far. I celebrated that big time because of what I did. I’m not suggesting you go on a big run or train to run a marathon as that was a huge step for me but it did create momentum. Even if you start with something simple like doing the dishes, use it to your advantage especially if you normally don’t do it. And don’t forget to celebrate!

Never Underestimate The Power Of Social Media

Obviously I’d be putting this in because of Social Media Day but not necessarily. If used correctly, social media can be used as a great support system. I’m part of groups that help people with blogs, career advice, job seekers, small business and professionals, spiritual energy work, etc., and all of these are filled with people willing to help one another. Even when I post links to my blog, I gain feedback. In the past week and a half, I’ve been called an inspiration by a few people. I would’ve never imagined that I could be an inspiration to anyone but deep within, I always wanted to be. You can say whatever negative things you want about social media but bottom line, you have a choice of how to use it and it can be a place of great positive energy.

Feel free to share more momentum building tips and stories. I’d love to hear them.


Between this post and the last post, I’ve let a lot of time go by. Lots has happened in that span between the experience at Ignite Detroit and now. I’ve moved back in with my parents, quit my job and turned my focus toward myself. Naturally, I caught a ton of flack from my parents about that having  just moved back in with them. Regardless, I felt it was time I stopped doing things just for other people’s approval. My heart just wasn’t in it anymore.

I was working for a work-at-home company and we were doing sales for one of their new clients, whose name I will leave out (even out of the little respect I have for them. Even if I gave a hint, that’s too much). The job started out OK with training but when we actually got onto the floor, I found out just how great training really was. I noticed that no one was there for me when I needed help and when I made a mistake, i got beat up and bashed for things. I wasn’t allowed to screw up and it was more frustrating than anything. The longer it went on, I got depressed and my health started deteriorating. Aside from that, my roommates and I were dealing with a terrible landlord who was basically stealing money from us. It compounded the stress even more. All my dreams, ideas, plans and goals were at the back of my mind due to my depression. Everything about my entrepreneurial side went to the trash because I was just trying to stay sane at that point. I got off track with my gratitude diary and my meditation. It got to a point that I started praying for something else.

I found comfort in reading a few other blogs. Many of them had to do with transitioning into a new chapter in life. A few of them also talked about how to quit your job and do it right. One of my personal favs is a blog by The Boomerang Kid. She’s gone through the process of quitting a few times and has good reason for doing so. Her stories were so inspiring to me that it helped me and gave me the courage to do the same. Ironically, at the same time I decided to make that decision, our landlord decided he wanted to evict us. You might wonder where I’m going with this.

A day before we received the eviction notice, I took a friend’s passion test seminar. If you aren’t familiar with the passion test, it was designed by Chris and Janet Attwood to help people figure out their passions and make decisions based on those passions. We tend to believe we know what our passions but we don’t realize that our wants and needs change on a day to day basis. The key saying they Chris and Janet have is, “Whenever you are faced with a decision, a choice or an opportunity, always choose in favor of your passions.” That hit me pretty hard because I was never taught to do that. It was refreshing because it was basically telling me to be true to myself. As I went through the passion test, it was very emotional for me. I had to find myself digging deep into myself to really pull out answers. No one had ever asked me what I wanted out of life like this! I was on the verge of crying many times it was that heavy. Once I figured out my top 5 passions, I was pretty surprised. One of my major passions in life is music. Would you believe that wasn’t the top passion? It was, however, creating an environment for creativity. The second passion was creating a peaceful space with perfect energy. #3 was music. When I looked at it that way, the eviction was a gift. How can I create if I’m living under a stressful environment? I decided at that moment after the passion test to follow my passions (my heart) and ONLY that.

So that’s that. I moved back home, quit my job and actually decided to break from my sister as my business partner. At this point, I’m on my own quest in entrepreneurship and as far as I’m concerned, I’ll get it.

So after that long story I’m pretty sure you’re wondering, “What the hell does that have to do with momentum!?” Well, everything. Each time you go through a life changing event, you create momentum towards something. I decided to create momentum toward a peaceful environment that encourages creativity filled with music, success empowerment lessons and traveling (which were my last two passions). This transition (and any transition) involves another set of disciplines. These disciplines will sustain and also create energy toward your desired outcome. Here are a few tips that will help you create and sustain momentum on your journey:

Be Very Clear On What It Is You Want In Your Life

If there’s anything I’ve learned from every mentor, every spiritual guide, every leader, all of them will tell you to get very clear on the things you want in your life. This means every goal, plan, marker, etc., will need to be clarified. You want this to be as specific as possible, even as particular as how someone says something or an exact phrase. Yes, it’s that important!

Ignore Well Intentioned Advice

There’s a difference between advice to help you be a better person and advice to make sure that you don’t get hurt. The latter  is what I mean by well-intentioned advice and it is not a thin line but a very broad one. These are people like family and friends who are constantly giving you advice about what “they” would do in your situation. They’re always making sure you won’t get hurt or why you shouldn’t do something because it’s too hard or because you could fail. They want you to stick to the things you know. While these people might be right, their advice is also very flawed. For starters, they’re telling you to accept mediocrity. By staying inside what you know, you don’t grow and that makes life dull (in my humble opinion). The biggest issue with well-intentioned advice I’ve found is that it’s fear-based. The advice that these people are giving to you is actually the fear they have for themselves. In other words, the well-intentioners are pushing their fears onto you. Be very careful with these people. In the beginning they aren’t easy to recognize.

Do Something Everyday Towards Achievement

While you may not know exactly how you’re going to do something, still get up and go out. The more you explore, research, network and expand, the better the chance you have finding something that you want to do. Even if you’re not sure exactly what you want, as long as you’re clear on what you want in your life, The Universe will be more apt to placing it in your life.

“Whenever you’re faced with a decision, choice, or opportunity, always choose in favor of your passions” ~ Chris and Janet Attwood

 What are some of the ways you create and sustain momentum?

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